Maartje Meijer – Virgo (2013)




With: Tobias Nijboer, Kaspars Kurdeko, Jesse van Ruller, Joris Roelofs, The New Amsterdam Voices & Bart Fermie

Surrounded by fantastic guest musicians Maartje Meijer takes the stage with a versatile oeuvre, from contemporary fugues to melodic pop and raw jazz. The young pianist, singer and composer recorded with the eight-piece choir New Amsterdam Voices guitarist Jesse van Ruller and saxophonist Joris Roelofs. They also appear on Maartje’s debut album Virgo.

On Virgo, Maartje Meijer celebrates all her passions: composing, arranging, playing piano and singing. Her songs convey her classical background, as well as her love for eccentric pop and unpredictable improvisations, from Bach to Brad Mehldau and from Randy Newman to Sufjan Stevens.

CD-hoesje VIRGO
Maartje Meijer has studied jazz vocals and piano and has written arrangements for the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. Alongside her own band she forms a trio with Jesse van Ruller and flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel.

‘Meijer has a powerful and clear voice. On top of that, she radiates so much spirit when playing the piano’ (Parool).


1. Sadie
2. Rainbow In The Dark
3. I Just Wanna Eat
4. Quiet Now
5. Mushroom
6. Everybody’s Boy And My Own
7. Invisible Strength
8. Footprints
9. Seven Seas


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